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Show me how your business will help me

Your homepage should give me a good overview of what your business does and, more importantly, what it means for me.

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What matters to me?

What do you want me to know? Give me confidence to read on – tell me how comprehensive you are, how you’ll give me what I need. Give me somewhere to go.

Tell me more about you

Will you make it easy?

What choices do I have?

If you can offer me a large range of services, tell me about them. Show me how capable your business is by offering me a few links to service pages.

If you offer services to take care of something for me, reassure me that I’m in good hands. Make me feel secure that you’ll take care of everything & I don't need to worry.

If I’m going to give you information about my life for you to help me I need to know I can trust you. Tell me how professional, reliable and trustworthy you are so I’m sure.

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